Inspire your career | Strategies for success as a new employee and manager

Can I speak to you privately in my office? The heart flutters, your thinking ok, what does this mean? Your boss smiles and says “We would like to promote you” Good news, now what do you do next? This week’s podcast is from our Canadian Career Development Webinar with Patricia Barbato author Sr VP at Revera Health Systems and author ofinspire your career; Strategies for Success in Your First Years at Work. In our conversation she shares practical wisdom on how to make a successful transition to management.

I have worked with many new and mature leaders in our Leadership Identity Program. Leadership is both talent and a skill and there are some simple ways to evolve yourself as a leader. What is the most important first action you should take in your new leadership role? Well, it is fairly simple Patricia shared “One of the most important things to do immediately is to build relationships and establish credibility. Take time and ask lots of questions. People love to talk about themselves and their work, give them a chance”

I have seen some people struggle with the evolution to management. Leadership is fundamentally about focusing on 3 things, relationships, communication and influencing with credibility.

Sit back, relax and learn! 37 min