How to recover from our mistakes-Journalist Craig Silverman author of Regret the Error

Good Monday Mourning, Have you recently made an error and regretted it? I just did. Take a look at how I spelled “mourning.” It should be morning (although this could be a play on words for you!) This normally wouldn’t be picked up by spell-check and you would probably wonder why this wasn’t picked up by me either. This week’s podcast is with Craig Silverman, journalist and author of Regret the Error. We have all made mistakes. Some are small, such as the spelling mistake that that I used in my example. Other mistakes, such as choosing the wrong role, or a misunderstanding with your boss, could have a much greater impact on your professional life. Craig shared “You will make mistakes in your life – it is important to understand the root cause. Your recovery from them is the key.” In my interview, Craig also shared some really great advice to help you with the “recovery” phase. This week, see your mistakes as opportunities to improve, rather than as reasons to feel bad. 25 minutes. Sit back, relax and learn!