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What is the biggest mistake most people make in their job search? Why doesn’t the best candidate always win? What 3 things does Barack Obama have in common with you and your job search? You may be surprised what the answer is. This weeks podcast is from part 2 of The 6-Figure Job Search Webinar | Finding New Opportunities with Anthony Haul, founder of Canada’s leading career website for the 6-figure professional. Anthony and I discussed ways you can engage with recruiters, HR and how create an effective job search campaign.

This past weekend we hosted the G8 & the G20. Representing the United States was Barack Obama. Against some incredible odds (including his name) he successfully completed his job search. Landing the biggest job in the world – The President of The United States. What did Barack Obama do differently from John McCain? Both candidates had strengths and weaknesses. Barack had a much better campaign. President Obama had 3 key things that worked for him.

1. He was a strong and qualified candidate.

2. He and his team created a smart campaign that suited his style.

3. He and his team executed and adapted their campaign strategy.

Bonus – Once you land – Start campaigning immediately for your next role.

Anthony shared “The key to any successful job search campaign is a great candidate and a smart strategy, many great candidates don’t have a smart strategy, it is the blend of both that leads to a successful outcome”

This week’s 60 Second WORKout – Take some time to evaluate what is working and not working in your job search campaign.

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This week’s CareerPoll; What most influences managers during the interview process?

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