How to build a global career- Interview with the William Jans the Dalai Lama's official photographer

How global is your career? Are you planning to work internationally? Are you a recent immigrant to Canada? This weekâs podcast is with William Jans, international photographer (the official Canadian photographer of the Dalai Lama) and producer of some of the most interesting live travel shows that you will ever experience. I asked him to share some of the lessons he has learned working in such places as China, Tanzania and Peru and how they have helped him to develop his career and have a global opportunities and options. I have been thinking of this topic for a number of years, it specifically came to light this past week with conversations that I had with two clients, one who had worked internationally, the other who had recently immigrated to Canada. Both shared some of the cross-cultural benefits and challenges they have experienced. In fact a key way to fast track your career is by gaining international experience. A 2003 study conducted of 100 human resource managers and directors found that employers consider that candidates who studied or worked abroad are likely to possess strong interpersonal skills (Doorbar, 2003). William shared the benefits of his global experience âI had to go through a learning curve to adapt to different countries, by adapting I have made more friends, been more successful and had way more funâ Looking for a great cultural experience without having to leave your city. We have are doing a draw for a number of 10 pairs of tickets to his shows, in Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal. http://www.wrjphoto.com/show-other-contests.html. Sit back, relax and learn. 25 minutes