How to be more effective at selling yourself in your job search and interviews.

Who is the person most likely to get hired? The candidate whom is most qualified? Or the candidate who has a great resume and interviews well? In a recent study conducted, 44 recruiters were asked to interview 210 candidates for various positions. The research showed that recruiters consider interviewing skills to be far more important than background, experience, skills and grade point average. In other words, the candidates who could answer, why should I hire you? In the most confident and clear way, were 5 times more likely to be hired over the most qualified candidate. This week’s Podcast is with Kevin Barwin V.P. of Sales for Overlay.TV. Kevin is a Top 40 under 40 award winner and has spent over 15 years in senior sales roles with organizations such as Corel, Jetform (Adobe) He is not the slap-you-on-the-back sales guy, he is a true sales professional respecting the needs of his clients. He was one of the speakers at our recent Job Search Summit. At the summit, Kevin shared the principles that all sales professional use to win deals, and that you can use to get the role that you are qualified for. Sales skills can be learned and really matter, especially in tough job markets. This week, listen to this podcast. I am convinced this will help you be much more effective in your job search, interview and negotiation skills.