How Starbucks Saved My Life |NY Times Best Selling Author Michael Gill | Upgrading His Career from Ad Exec to Barista

Does the pressure and stress of your career feel like it’s taking it’s toll on you? Does your work make a contribution? Are you energized by the people that you work with? This week’s podcast is with Michael Gill, New York Times best selling author of “How Starbucks Saved My Life.” Starbucks really did save his life, in many ways. You may be thinking, “Did a Barista do the heimlich maneuver as Michael was choking on a venti-non-fat-extra-hot-½ Soya-½ skim milk Mochachino?” Well, not exactly. His story was not only fascinating to me, but Tom Hanks will be playing him in the story of his life – about the journey upward from an unfulfilled ad executive to a highly engaged Barista working at Starbucks.

Michael’s identity and purpose came very much from his work. It gave him a place, title, income and status. As with others who are defined by what they do and are fired, there was an extreme loss of identity. Then one day while standing in line at Starbucks, he was approached by a store manager and asked if he would consider applying for a job. He was open and ready to try something completely different in his life. Michael shared “Some of the best things in life happen by accident.” How open are you to circumstances, opportunity and people who can help you?

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