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Do you remember playing hide-and-seek as a kid? It is one of the fondest memories as a parent is playing this game with my kids. Sometimes my kids astounding me with their ability to find unique hiding spots. Finding new job opportunities can be a lot like this. Some positions are simple to identify, while finding other opportunities can be incredibly frustrating. This week’s podcast is from Part 2 of The Great Canadian Job Search Series with Peter Harris, Manager of Content at Workopolis. We discussed the variety of ways to identify and find quality job opportunities. Join us for part 3.

Where do you find quality opportunities? Finding opportunities starts with really looking, I know that sounds like a simplistic statement, but it is true. I have played many a hide-and-seek game that I wasn’t really looking. When it comes to job hunting, really look, it’s as much of an attitude as it is an acceptance that this practical reality of job search. Opportunities won’t usually seek you out. Next is where to look? In our recent CareerPoll respondents shared where they found quality opportunities.

Your Network 73%

Recruiters 11%

Informational Interviews 11%

Job Boards 3%

Social Media 0%

My advice to clients is to use all the above elements in your job search. You never know where and when the best opportunities will be found, the more the merrier. Like the game, “finding” is all about connecting with people, aka potential hiring managers. Peter shared “Remember people hire people, not paper, getting your resume out is one thing, connecting with the right person is the key!”

This week’s CareerPoll ; How would you rate your interview skills?

Last week’s CareerPoll; What most influences managers during the interview process?

This week’s 60 Second Workout – Take a look at your last week’s job search to see how many different places you are looking.

Continue the conversation on my blog. Where you have found the most successful places to look for new opportunities?

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