Find Your Great Work – Interview with Michael Bunger Stanier

Hands up if you have been looking forward to a great week at work this morning? Have you been counting down the hours till work, fresh from your thanksgiving dinner(s), full of turkey & stuffing, relaxed by red wine and sweetened by pumpkin pie (not that you need it) This week’s podcast is with Michael Bunger Stanier author of Find Your Great Work. Michael shared there are three types of work; great, good and bad. Great work is when we are stretching ourself and in the flow, good work is comfortable and bad work is as Michael stated when we say “This is not signed up for when I accepted this role” How much of your career is in the great work category? The great news, our goal is not to be doing great work all the time. The aim is to journey towards finding a healthy balance in the three types of work. This week observe how much of your work is great, good and bad. Sit back, relax and learn! 28 minutes