Eric Berlow – 2010 TEDGlobal Fellow | How to manage complexity in your career | Sponsored by Athabasca University

This is a recording from our recent webinar with Eric Berlow, a TEDGlobal 2010 Fellow. Eric is an ecologist and network scientist who specializes in not specializing. He helped found, and directs, the University of California’s first environmental research center in Yosemite National Park. Watch his TED talk here. After radio- collaring wolves in Alaska and tending bar in Paris, he got his Ph.D. in marine ecology studying the interconnectedness of species in nature. As a research scientist with the USGS he focuses on building better links between science and management of protected mountain ecosystems. 

Eric is helping apply network approaches to sustainable ecotourism development in the Arctic, and is co-owner of a green café in Oakland, California. He is currently spearheading ‘ecomimetic’ approaches to corporate sustainability by visualizing and modeling energy consumption through complex, interconnected supply chains

“. . . .often it is only by embracing the true complexity of a problem that core simple issues emerge. I think this point generally rings true but is very under-appreciated and under-applied.” (Eric Berlow) Sit back, relax and learn! 44 minutes.