Daniel Coyle NY Times Best Selling author of The Talent Code

I enjoyed watching the Oscars last night. It is amazing to watch a room full of people whom have invested their entire lives becoming great at something they love. What does it take to have breakthrough success? Is it all talent? Is it who you know? This weeks podcast is with N.Y. Times best selling book The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. He spent 2 years researching what it takes to stand apart in any profession. Last night, Sandra Bullock won her first Oscar her role in The Blindside. In her acceptance speech, she shared “I am thankful for my Mom, she reminded be to be an artist you need to practice every day” Yes there are many talented people, but the research from Daniel’s book shows you need a balance of discipline, smart training and supportive professional team around you. Yes talent is born, but greatness is all about the smart work involved with using the talent you have been given. This week’s 60 Second Workout; Today is International Woman’s Day. Take time to show your appreciation to the women in your life that have influenced you. This weeks CareerPoll ; What is your greatest challenge when following through on opportunities? Results from last week’s CareerPoll; Would you consider a “green” career path? The Canadian Career Development Webinar Tues March 8th 12-1 p.m Getting from Doubt to Done with Gene C. Hayden author of The Follow-Through Factor. Most people will say that to accomplish goals we need passion, focus, self-confidence and courage. Do you really need those superhero qualities or to be exceptionally brilliant and creative to accomplish your goals? Are goals only achieved by having friends in high places, wealthy relatives or endless amounts of free time? If you answered yes to these questions, join me as I interview Gene Hayden whose 20 years of research has demonstrated that these common beliefs are in fact myths. FREE Webinar Get the Right Career Right Now! Invest 1 hour in your career to help manage risk in your career? Join our free webinar- Friday March 12, 12-1 p.m. ET. This complimentary 1-hour workshop is based on my book; Get the Right Job Right Now! It’s easy to learn simple ways to take control of your career, all from the comfort & convenience of your own desk. Limited to 20 participants. Click and register. Who’s coaching you to win gold in your career? Feeling stuck? Need help with a professional resume, job search and interview preparation? Invest in yourself; get the edge in this competitive job market. Take a small step and book an initial consultation with me. Thankful for the amazing women in my life, along the road with you! Alan PS. Looking to transition in your career? Our Career Transition Program can help you! P.P.S. Check out our clients success, reaching their own career stage.