Cathy Keates author of Not For Sale;Why We Need a Whole New Job Search Mindset

How often do you do enter into a job search in your career? Where did you learn to do an effective job search campaign? This week’s podcast is with Cathy Keates M.A. author of Not For Sale – Why We Need a New Job Search Mindset Cathy has been a career counselor for over 10 years, and currently works at Queen’s University in career services. One common thing that she has observed working with young professionals is, “job search is not an activity we are born knowing about – it is something that we have to learn about”. I think Cathy’s advice has never been truer. I have noticed that some people feel guilty, for reaching out to receive professional support and advice in their career. Like your own profession there are new tools and competitors entering into the market on a continual basis. If you don’t keep up you and/or your company will fall behind. Job search is constantly evolving; consider the role of twitter and sites such as LinkedIn. My role is to share best practices and advise you on how to take advantage of these changes, and make better career decisions. I am pleased to announce that CareerJoy, has been chosen as the exclusive provider of career services to Queens Alumni. We are offering a 15% discount to all Queens Alumni for our services. Watch an interview with Paul Smith Director of Career Services and myself, as we share thoughts about the job market and how our partnership with Queen’s can help you. Sit back, relax and learn – 25 minutes