Careers In non-profit. Rob Clarke Executive Director of TransFair Canada

Do you feel that your work makes a difference in peoples lives? Have you ever considered working in the not-for-profit sector? This weeks podcast is with Robert Clarke, Executive Director of the TransFair Canada, this not-for-profit organization is responsible for managing the fair trade certification of products in Canada. Rob spent 20 years in the technology sector, after a corporate restructuring he took some time to consider his transferable skill and what motivated him. He identified what could combine his transferable skills such as sales, people skills, leadership, organization and knowledge of trade to make a difference in the world. Through a set of discussions and some good thought Rob moved into the not-for-for profit sector. Rob shared âgetting into the not-for-profit world is a very different type of challenge, a very very different motivator. You can really impact a large group of people, it has opened my eyes to the world. I look at what I am doing now. I am doing this not only for my self, but for my kids and all of the great partners we work with. I have a lot of good days!â This Wednesday Dec 2 12-1 ET join our Free Career Development Webinar; Careers in the non-profit. Join Veronica Utton, Director, Human Resources with UNICEF Canada, Michelle Baldwin Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network and Maggie Leithead President & CEO of CharityVillage Canada’s leading career website for the nonprofit sector. Continue the conversation on my blog. What are your thoughts about careers in the not-for-profit sector? Sit back, relax and learn! Podcast 32 minutes