Career Advice from Jesse Brown founder of Bistrips and host of TVO's Search Engine

Do you feel like you have to make the hard bargain between doing work that pays the bills, and pursuing something that you would really like to do? Do you feel like you are in career handcuffs (even if they are golden)? How do you find something you can truly call your own? This week’s podcast is with Jesse Brown, host of TVO’s Search Engine and co-founder of Bitstrips a comic creation website. Bitstrips was recently chosen by The Ontario Ministry of Education to help over 2 million children improve their reading and writing skills through the creation of personal comics strips with their interactive website. Jesse has spent the last number of years trying out different roles with a variety of media organizations such as TVO and the CBC. Like many professionals his career has been very nonlinear. I thought that Jesse’s career advice was very practical “find a little time to do the thing you love best, see how it goes. If it starts to work that is a good sign you are on the right path” Don’t quit your day-job with the internet and flexible work situations, it has never been easier to moonlight from your home office and favorite coffee shop. This week think small, as in small steps towards what you really want to do. Sit back, relax and learn! 25mins