Canadian Olympic Coach Michelle Leigh on Maximizing Your Performance

This weekend, the journey of the Olympic flame came to a conclusion at its new home in Whistler. Steve Podborski (he even has ski embedded in his name!) one of the Crazy Canucks, became last person to finish the journey with the Olympic flame, by skiing down Whistler Mountain. We are all about to head into full-on Olympic fever. This weeks podcast, Canadian Olympic skating coach Michelle Leigh shares what it takes to be the best in the world. Have you ever wondered what differentiates an athlete at the Olympics? Why do some athletes go on to Olympic gold while others even more talented struggle? In last week’s CareerPoll 15% responded that coaching had the greatest impact on an Olympic athletes performance. Which Olympic athlete doesn’t have a coach? Michelle shared the role of a coach is to understand the athlete strengths and weakness, create a game plan to achieve the goal. Michelle commented “Ultimately being a great coach is all about helping people to become more” This weeks 60 Second Workout; Reach out and find a mentor to help you become more. Sit back relax and learn! 40 mins