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Have you heard the news? The resume is dead, who killed it? The main suspects were Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. These four suspects have been charged with first degree murder and are awaiting a trial date. All kidding aside, social media is affecting all dimensions of our lives including the resume and job search process. This week’s podcast is from The Canadian Career Development Webinar Series with Amber Mac author of Power Friending | Demistifying Social Media. Amber is one of Canada’s leading social media experts. She works with corporate clients including Anthony Robbins helping them to leverage social media for their professional brands. She is a regular columnist with The Globe & Mail.

Ok the resume is not quite dead (it still has an important role to play), but finding your next gig today has a lot more involved than just having a great resume. I spoke at an event this past week for The University of Western Ontario Alumni (they were a great group) One person share with me, that she just got a new job through a lead she got through twitter. Amber shared “The rules have changed, you are far more likely to advance in your career and find your next opportunity if you understand and use social media instead of relying on a traditional job search”

This week’s 60 Second Workout – What is one area of social media you can improve your skill-set?

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This week’s CareerPoll ; What social media do you rely on the most for finding new opportunities?

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