Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Author Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D on how to survive office insanity

Do you ever find yourself asking the question “am I the only sane one working here?” This week’s podcast is with Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D author of the book (surprise) Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Bernie is a psychologist, best selling author and leading expert in workplace conflict resolution. This book came about after years of research working with organizations and individual clients. It was particularily spurred on by the conversations between Albert and his daughter upon her graduation and the start of her professional role. She was profoundly confused about how many of her peers and boss’s responded within the work environment. Albert shared, “when dealing with a micro-managing boss or peer, the most important thing to keep your sanity is to stop and think. It is best to analyze before you judge, this will give you the information that will help you, or at the very least keep you sane. This week observe how much of your work is great, good and bad. Remember finding the right balance will take time. Sit back, relax and learn! 30 mins