2008 Canadian Career Summit – Andrea Garson VP HR on myths and realities of the current job market

Did you wake up to good news in the newspaper this morning? Unlikely, since the headlines are very negative these days. I would strongly recommend that you listen to this week’s podcast. It is a recording of the presentation that Andrea Garson, V.P. HR for workopolis, gave at our recent conference held in Ottawa and Toronto. At the 2008 Canadian Career Summit, Andrea shared some research about myths and realities of employers and the current job market. Andrea did a great job at the summit. I appreciated her pragmatic optimism. One of the key messages that she shared was that “everything has a cycle”. She said that “companies may take a little more time and be more particular – in this new type of reality you need to be really prepared”. More than ever, it is important to maintain a positive yet realistic perspective on the economy and the opportunities that are available.