Valerie Legge

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Valerie Legge’s career coaching experience spans individual coaching, group coaching and intercultural transition.


Valerie employs solution-focused coaching to help her clients build up their strengths, highlight possibilities and expand their perceptions. Her experience working as a Research Coordinator in brain plasticity and transformation at the Montreal Neurological Institute has contributed to her understanding of how to train the mind. Relying on her keen empathetic listening skills and using a strengths-based approach, she asks her clients to dig deep with powerful questions, guiding them to shift their perspective, resulting in powerful changes to their condition or mindsets.


It’s not just theoretical, however. Valerie has successfully transitioned careers several times, and she knows instinctively how to support clients in clarifying what they really want during career transitions. She facilitates clients in crafting a personal GPS, defining not only the starting point and a clear destination, but helping them navigate the best path to reach their final goals. Through this process, clients gain insight into their own strengths and values, developing a personal toolkit for resilience.


Valerie’s coaching career began with coaching creative types, but has expanded to include a wide range of careers, backgrounds, ages and industries. In addition to career development coaching, Valerie facilitates workshops at McGill University on resilience, happiness, personal leadership, goal setting, motivation and stress management.


Clients find coaching with Valerie an extremely positive experience, gaining practical steps for implementing positive, beneficial changes to their careers and, ultimately, to their lives.


Accreditation and Education

  • Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (PCC-ICF)
  • Art and Science of Coaching (Erickson College International)
  • Certification in Positive Psychology
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine
  • Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Music

Success Stories

"A lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders on the very first meeting. I felt safe and comfortable to express myself without judgement. The overall outcome was closure for me in the sense that I got to decide on something I was passionate about and get a better understanding of my skills." - Virginia Maddison


"I found this program and my coach very helpful. My coach Valerie really helped me open up my mind and really got me thinking about what my possible future could be like. Also with this program I have started doing more research about possible career options." - Ciara O'Brien


"I learned how to pursue career that aligns with my core values. It helped me to improve my interview skills. Also to strategize on how to deal with each step and interview scenarios. Furthermore, it helped me go through a deep dive of my entire life helping me dig out what are my true natural gifts and how I can apply to my job search." - Fernando Raimi


“I find every part of the coaching sessions helpful; the assignments, the battery test, as well as the 1:1 sessions with Valerie Legge. [I now have a] Clearer understanding of my skills and strengths as well as my deeply-rooted values. Clear understanding on how to tackle my career exploration and search process. [I now have] Increased confidence in pursuing a career change as well as a clearer grasp of my skills and strengths.” – S. Dessertine


“I’ve gained valuable insight into job market research as well as how to utilize LinkedIn much more effectively than before. The biggest value is learning the proper tools associated with finding a desired career in my field. The professional level of coaching provided an enlightening experience into how the job market really works and how to search and prepare properly with a plethora of effective tools.” – A. Stewart


“Valerie is a coach with a very unique energy about her. Her poise and confidence radiate to the heart of her clients and allow them to step bravely into their future. I have been impressed with her ability to read what’s going on ‘below the surface’ and bring out the best in her clients. I have no hesitation recommending Valerie to anyone looking for an experienced and gifted coach to help them on their journey toward wholeness, satisfaction, and greater success.” – H. Petheric


“I have been coached by Valerie and can absolutely recommend her as a highly qualified solution-focused coach. She has helped me design the life I always wanted by helping me gain valuable insight into what is truly important in my life. Working with Valerie has given me the edge to take myself from ordinary to extraordinary. With the utmost appreciation …” – A. Stowers


“Valerie was great at helping me sort out my muddled thinking … including helping me to figure out what I needed to figure out! I appreciated the questions, both concrete and open-ended. The sessions with Valerie helped to clear away the weeds covering the values, ideas and intentions which were already growing in my internal garden. Thank you, Valerie!”- E. Lorenz


“Valerie was very insightful and asked provocative questions to help me find my own solutions, hallmark of a great coach. Warm and supportive style. Very informed and helpful around steps to take in moving towards job search.” – J. Baskin


“I think that people at my level I really need a career “coach” rather than a “therapist” which is why I tried CareerJoy. There is a personal development level that is right for some people, but the actual logistics and function of moving forward with tangible actions was very useful for me. I would like to go further in the process.The highly individualized approach was very helpful, and I felt my individual circumstances were attended to. My coach offered me networking opportunities that were specifically helpful.” – A. Young


“First of all, Valerie is the best coach ever! CareerJoy is really fortunate to have a professional of her caliber on their team. Also, all team members work very well together, towards the same goal: clients’ satisfaction. It helped me realize that I could attain certain career goals and, on a professional level, it brought me closer to attaining those goals. I liked how the process was structured: in the end, all pieces of the puzzle came together. I regained confidence in my abilities and realized that career transitions could happen even after a certain age.” – C. Constatin


"Excellent advice, objective information sharing" - Taline Papazian


"Structure for analysis and research was very helpful. Valerie is very skilled at helping you sift through your thoughts/ideas to get to the essential. (The ) Process is very helpful. We often undervalue our own worth. This process helps recalibrate." - Alexa Brett