Stephen Williams

Career and Leadership Coach

Stephen has worked for over 25 years as a Human Resources leader for a number of manufacturing organizations. In those roles, he grew to understand the challenges for both organizations and individuals affected in transitions. Before moving to HR, Stephen spent time in engineering, marketing and sales roles. He has led HR and training and development departments and has extensive facilitation experience. Stephen loves it when the 'light bulb' comes on for participants and they come away with a greater understanding. He is passionate about helping people, from new managers to executives, achieve their potential and in supporting people through transition.


Professional Designations

  • Member of Human Resources Professional Association
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Certified Human Resources Leader

Client testimonials

"I have gotten out of the self-blame mode to a more self-confident mode. Ready to take on life. I also have a perspective on the recruitment styles being a new comer to Canada. "On a personal level- I am more positive despite my previous work experience. On a professional level- I know my weak points during an interview and am working towards improving myself." - Jean Koshy