Priscilla Jabouin

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Priscilla believes that it is possible to find the perfect career – perfect defined by you! She incorporates her educational backgrounds and her in depth knowledge of holistic personal development in her coaching sessions. Priscilla is bilingual and can provide coaching in both official languages.


When she’s not guiding the dreamer in you to pursue the career path that fits your profile, Priscilla can be found offering personal and professional development workshops internationally and teaching yoga.


Professional Designations

  • Masters of Arts in Counselling
  • Masters of Arts in Child Study
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Client Feedback

"When Priscilla first met me, I was anxious and uncertain. My strategy for job hunting primarily involved searching for and responding to online job postings. Needless to say, this strategy was both labour-intensive and demoralizing. Priscilla empowered me to unchain myself from the desk, get out the door and actually meet people. She is an empathetic listener and wise mentor. I now feel comfortable conducting information interviews to target potential employers and grow my network in a way that feels authentic and natural. Priscilla helped me to gain the confidence I needed to tackle the challenge of finding meaningful employment." - Lynn Lau