Louise MacLeod
Resume & Branding

Resume Coach

Louise is a naturally curious and enthusiastic storyteller and resumé writer who delights in tracing the arc of a life and finding the perfect words to illuminate an individual's unique passions, achievements and potential.


Prior to joining the CareerJoy team in 2018, her ability to identify, craft and tell compelling stories was honed during a very rewarding journalism career of more than 20 years, particularly as a television writer, producer and researcher for award-winning documentary programs broadcast both nationally and internationally.


Although especially known for her strength as a writer and communications specialist in the areas of science, medicine and technology, Louise has thoroughly enjoyed working with people from all walks of life: acrobats to astronauts; teens to transplant pioneers.


In addition to her professional writing and production work, she utilizes exemplary active listening and engagement skills fundraising for charities, particularly those that benefit children and/or medical research initiatives.


And, as a person born and raised on a wild and beautiful island, Louise retains a special place in her heart for the community-based volunteer work she does to encourage increased levels of public science and ocean literacy, especially among Canada's youth.