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CareerClass 202 | What it really means to engage your employees The fact is, across the board – employees are feeling more disengaged than ever. To be precise, it is estimated that up to 26% of employees are not just checked out, but actively disengaged. And the problem is that these individuals can disrupt your vision and interrupt amazing organizations when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Engagement, however, is not just about your people feeling happy, or that they are the elusive "right fit".

In part one of our Employee Engagement webinar, you will learn about:

-What it means to "Engage" your employees
-The importance of listening carefully
-Formulating a strategy for a survey, focus groups or interviews
-Ensuring that you’re measuring the right things
-Securing buy-in from leadership and communicating to employees

In part two, you will learn about:
-Employee surveying 'best practices'
-Top pitfalls when it comes to measuring engagement
-The importance of secure deployment
-Developing Action Plans based upon your results
-Open Q&A to answer your burning questions
Sep 30, 202012:00pm EDT1 hour