York University | Alumni CareerClass 201 | Managing Your Personal Career Brand

Personal Brand: What is yours? Why it matters and what to do with it.

What do you, Tim Horton’s, Starbucks and Stephen Harper have in common?

All three have a personal brand.  In a competitive market – where work can be done anywhere, anytime – learn how your personal brand is the foundation for success. Invest in really understanding your unique strengths that make up your brand by attending this 60-minute presentation with Alan Kearns Canada’s Career Coach and founder of CareerJoy Canada’s career & leadership coaching company.

Join other York University Alumni to learn:

  • 5 major shifts in the marketplace and their impact on your professional future
  • What your personal brand is, and why it matters more than ever  (hint: it’s not about selling yourself)
  • How to use tools such as Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook to your advantage
  • The importance of developing and nurturing your relationships for long term success
  • How to utilize social media to build your internal brand (And why that matters more than ever)

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