Writing to Stand out in a Crowd: The Language of Communication with Writing Coach Daphne Gray-Grant

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Writing to Stand out in a Crowd: The Language of Communication with Professional Writing Coach Daphne Gray-Grant Author of 81/2 Steps to Writing Faster, Better

Many careers involve some type of writing be it the company newsletter, assorted emails, blog entries or long involved white papers and reports. Unfortunately, sometimes writing can seem like an onerous task that needs to be done rather than an enjoyable process of expression that achieves a great purpose. Do you have co-workers who seem able to write quickly with great results? Have you ever asked yourself: how do they do that? or, why can’t I seem to do that? Why do some people write pieces that standout in spite of constant interruptions and limited time? Is this something that can be learned? As in so many aspects of our careers, writing to get results is a skill that can be taught and enhanced through coaching from an expert. Join Alan Kearns as he interviews former daily journalist and professional writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant who shares her insights and wisdom on writing quickly to get results.

Webinar panelist

Writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant “grew up” in the newspaper business (her parents owned a weekly paper where she worked until her mid-20s) but that didn’t prevent her from developing a full-blown case of writer’s block. Even after becoming an editor at a large metropolitan daily, she still struggled with writing. In fact, she didn’t beat the problem until she gave birth to triplets and became a self-employed freelancer. Desperate to find more time, she began reading dozens of books on writing, speaking with colleagues and testing many different writing techniques for herself. To her surprise, she learned she was able to write quickly and easily.

Daphne now runs the Publication Coach a service designed to help others vanquish the problem of writer’s block. She is the author of 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better and also publishes a free (and brief!) weekly newsletter called Power Writing. In addition to her coaching, she also continues to work with clients around the world, as a writer and editor.

You will Learn

  1. Simple steps you can apply right away to make writing easier and faster
  2. Ideas on how to overcome procrastination and writer’s block
  3. Ways to block negative thoughts about your writing ability
  4. How to use language in your writing that stands out, gets results

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