What's "The Plan" for the Unexpected? | Terry Fallis author of The Best Laid Plans

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What’s “The Plan” for the Unexpected? |  Terry Fallis author of The Best Laid Plans

We hear it all the time – “What’s your plan?”…”Do you have a strategy?”…”Set clear goals”.  So we plan, we strategize, we keep our eye on the prize. Then life happens. What do we do when an unexpected curve ball comes our way?  It’s a fine line to stick to a plan while being open to opportunity or rolling with the punches.  Join Alan Kearns as he interviews Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans as he shares the insights he learned along his winding career path.

 Webinar Panelist

Terry FallisTerry Fallis has gone from earning his engineering degree to being a valued political staffer and launching a successful communications consulting business.  Along the way he captured the essence of learning to enjoy the unexpected in the beloved character of Angus McLintock, reluctant MP, in his novels, The Best Laid Plans and The High Road.  Terry Fallis now find himself to be, among many other things, the recipient of the 2008 Stephen Leacock Award for Humour and the winner of CBC’s Canada Reads 2011.  Was all that part of his plan?


You will Learn

  • How to know when it’s alright to deviate from “The Plan”
  • What it takes to follow your gut
  • How to recognize the opportunities among the distractions
  • How to enjoy the journey on your way to the destination

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