The Workopolis Great Canadian Job Search Campaign – 12-1 PM With Canada's Career Coach Alan Kearns

The principles of a successful job search campaign are the same whether you are running to represent your riding or looking to get that new role as bank manager. Join Alan Kearns, Canada’s Career Coach as he shares how he has helped over 3,000 Canadian Professionals find & land a great job, & helped personally negotiate over $30 million dollars worth of job offers.

A political candidate has a marketing campaign creating a solid case for us to vote for them. Whoever goes about creating the best campaign will win the election and become a member of parliament. As a leader, whoever creates the best overall campaign will get the biggest job in the land – The Prime Minister of Canada. 


Over the next four weeks I invite you to join my webinar series – The Great Canadian Job Campaign. 


Getting elected is all about being chosen. The exact same principles apply to a job search – there are many candidates but only one will ‘win’.  Will that be you? It all comes down to building a winning campaign. 


Over the next four weeks you will have the opportunity of joining me for your very own campaign. Think of it as boot camp for the job hunter, and think of me as your personal campaign manager. I will lay out the same clear path that we have used with thousands of clients from Halifax to Vancouver, helping them to be the “chosen” ones. 


Each week we will spend 1 hour on our free webinar sharing the effective campaign strategies. Over the 4 weeks you can join me as I walk you through: 


1. Preparing your campaign.  From assembling your team to budgeting…the importance of planning. 


2. Preparing your platform.  Knowing and branding yourself to make sure your message gets out loud and clear. 


3. Campaigning.  Finding the job leads and getting your foot in the door. 


4. Getting the vote.  Successful interviewing and negotiation. 


Whether you want to be a Member of Parliament or you a member of the hospital’s finance department, it is not just who you are, but how you promote yourself and convince the decision makers that you are the best candidate.


This Webinar is held every week on Thursday, from:

Apr 14, 2011 to May 5, 2011 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT


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