The Six Figure Job Search Webinar | Part 3 Landing & Succeeding in Your New Role |

Are you currently seeking a six-figure role? An executive or leader trying to find that best career fit? Are your resume and job search skills up for the challenge? How can you perform more effectively during your interview and negotiate a top salary and benefits? If these are the types of questions you’re asking yourself, CareerJoy’s webinar series dedicated to six-figure job seekers is for you. Sponsored by, this complimentary three-part series is aimed at assisting you find and land that six-figure role sooner and with less stress. Hosted by Canada’s Career Coach, Alan Kearns, this series will take you through the three stages to your executive or leadership career: Knowing and Branding Yourself, Landing the Role, and Succeeding in your New Career. Attend these webinars to win great prizes that will help you in your job search!

Part 3: Landing & Succeeding in Your New Role
Wednesday, July 8th from 8PM to 9PM Eastern
You’ve found and successfully interviewed for your six-figure role: now you’ve received a call back for a second interview and to follow up with negotiations. Congratulations! Now, what? Effective salary and benefits negotiation is a skill you can acquire. How do you negotiate the best six figure deal for you? How do you know this executive/leadership role is the right opportunity for you? When you’re ready, how do you resign gracefully, on a positive note? What are some keys to landing well and succeeding in the first 90 days of your new role?

You will learn:

  • The key ingredients to successful negotiation
  • Getting to a final decision
  • How to effectively manage multiple offers
  • The importance of objective evaluation of the opportunity
  • How to resign from your current role on a positive note
  • Why you should request feedback in your new role
  • The 9 basic guidelines to follow in your first 90 days

Led by Canada’s Career Coach, Alan Kearns, join our free 1-hour Six-Figure Job Search Webinar

Alan Kearns

Alan Kearns, Canada’s Career Coach and CareerJoy founder, Workopolis career expert, Chapters/Indigo Trusted Advisor and author is one of Canada’s leading authorities on career issues. Having been educated as an optician, Alan himself made a career transition when he leapt into the recruitment field and founded TalentLab, a recruitment agency. Later, he recognized that professionals needunbiased advice and tools to manage their careers, and founded CareerJoy. CareerJoy is the official career services firm for alumni for a number of leading institutions, including Queen’s University, University of Toronto, Athabasca University and Carleton University.

Voted one of the Top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40, Alan is a regular contributor to Canadian media on the latest trends in the Canadian workforce. He is host of the country’s top-rated career Podcast, CareerJoy Conversations, Alan is a highly sought after guest speaker at organizations and conferences in Canada, where he enlightens employers and employees on all topics related to professionals and their careers.

Anthony Kaul

Anthony Kaul is the founder of, a Canadian media company, started in June 2005 by a team of veteran niche job board builders. Anthony and his team spent 4 years in the trenches helping build into the world’s largest hospitality board. They have turned their considerable knowledge of the online media industry and their extensive network of recruiters, authors, resume professionals, and executives into Canada’s largest resource of online access to six-figure and executive job search information.

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