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Welcome to The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar

Are you currently in job search mode? trying to find that best career fit? Wondering whether your resume and job search skills are up for the task? How can you make your interview more effective and negotiate your best salary and benefits? CareerJoy has teamed with Workopolis to present The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar , a complimentary 3 part series intended to help you land that better role sooner with less stress. Hosted by Canada’s Career Coach, Alan Kearns, this series will take you through the three stages to a better career: Knowing and Branding Yourself, Landing the Role, and Succeeding in your New Career. Attend these webinars to win great prizes that will help you in your job search!

Part 2: Finding and Landing the Role
Thursday, June 24th from 12 PM to 1 PM Eastern

You have determined who you are and the type of career you would like to obtain, where do you look? Many people will start by looking through the classified ads, or on job boards on line, both of which can yield results. Others get their new role through what seems like pure luck. While this is possible, it’s more likely that many people will access the hidden job market in some way. You may have heard mention of this “hidden” job market but have no idea how to access it. Where and how should you network? How do you know what companies or organizations to approach? Once you have this information in hand, what do you do with it? What’s the best approach? What do you need to know in order to succeed in the interview?

You will learn:

  • The importance of developing a list of targets
  • Effective approaches – what works best for different situations
  • 3 Keys to effective networking
  • How to develop your pitch and why this is critical to your success
  • The 3 C’s of successful interviewing

Led by Canada’s Career Coach, Alan Kearns, join our free 1-hour The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar

Alan Kearns

Alan Kearns, Canada’s Career Coach and CareerJoy founder, Workopolis career expert, Chapters/Indigo Trusted Advisor and author is one of Canada’s leading authorities on career management issues. Having been educated as an optician, Alan himself made a career transition when he leapt into the recruitment field and founded TalentLab, a recruitment agency. A few years later, when he recognized that professionals need unbiased advice and tools to manage their careers, he founded CareerJoy. CareerJoy is the official career services firm for Alumni for a number of leading institutions, including Queen’s University, University of Toronto, Athabasca University and Carleton University.

Voted one of the Top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40, Alan is a regular contributor to Canadian media on the latest trends in the Canadian workforce. He is host of the country’s top-rated career Podcast, CareerJoy Conversations, Alan is a highly sought after guest speaker at organizations and conferences in Canada, where he enlightens employers and employees on all topics related to professionals and their careers.

Peter Harris

Peter Harris has the goal of making work work for as many people as possible. He is the content manager of Workopolis and publisher of the Workopolis blog. Peter is a writer and editor who has worked on the Web for over ten years mostly on behalf of Canadian workers, from the early days of building Monster.ca to delivering the country its daily breaking news and features as the homepage editor of both the Sympatico / MSN portal and Yahoo! Canada.

He has a Master’s Degree, numerous publications and is a relentless writer/speaker on culture and career issues. He has also given workshops for candidates on the Internet as a career tool, the best practices on the job market and key skills such as resume writing and interviewing.

Attend these free webinars for your chance to win:

A free copy of CareerJoy’s Great Canadian Job Search Kit – During each webinar Alan will be giving away 10 free copies of our do-it-yourself-guide to finding and landing your next role in Canada

One CareerJoy Premium Resume Service – During each webinar Alan will be giving away 1 free Premium package, which includes a resume, cover letter, The Great Canadian Job Search Kit, and one hour of career coaching

One CareerJoy 90 Day Career Search Program – At the end of this three part series, Alan will be giving away one 90 Day Career Search Program, which includes a search strategy, resume and cover letter as well as coaching time with a CareerJoy certified career coach