The Best Time to Look for a Job, Ask for a Raise & Cold-Call a Big Shot- N.Y. Times Best selling author Mark Di Vincenzo

The Canadian Career Development Webinar Series-

Join Mark Di Vincenzo New York Times best selling author of Buy Ketchup In May and Fly At Noon- A guide to the best time to buy this, do that and go there .

The (London) Guardian: “…strangely compelling.”

When is the best month to look for a job? Which day is the best day to interview for a job? Which is the best day of the week to ask for a pay raise? Which is the best time to cold-call that big wig that can give you big checks?

The fact is, people are always talking about the best time to do this or do that,or buy this or that, or go her or there. Mark is going to share the insights that he learned in researching some of life’s key questions. And what better place to get educated than by connecting with your peers from the comfort of your own home.

Led by Canada’s Career Coach; Alan Kearns, join our next free 1-hour Career Development Webinar- Our answer to a high protein low fat lunch & learn.

  • It’s easy — participate from wherever you are via web & toll free.
  • It’s informal, fun, and could it be more convenient?
  • Learn along with others — most are in a similar life situation, asking the same questions and facing the same challenges

During this interactive webinar, you will have the opportunity too;

  • Ask questions to the webinar panelist
  • Bonus session on The Digital Job Search 3.0 – How to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Expand your networking contacts across Canada- Join our invitation only group.

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