Standing Out From the Crowd: How to Market You | Age of Persuasion Best-selling Author Terry O'Reilly

In this competitive job market, how do you get “heard” or noticed? When your resume succeeds in helping you get an interview, how do you land the job? We all assume that there are a relatively finite number of jobs and 100s of applicants. Your resume and cover letter are advertisements for you as are your LinkedIn bio, your facebook page, and any other online presence you have. But you are one among many, how can you market yourself effectively? In a world teeming with competing advertisements and marketing messages, what’s required to make an impact? Join Alan Kearns as he interviews Terry O’Reilly, Pirate Radio founder and best-selling co-author of The Age of Persuasion.

“The Age of Persuasion made me stop, think, and realize that everything we do as marketers (day in and day out) can matter . . . and should be better. Because, in the end, advertising is not just about persuasion. It’s about the stories we tell and how they connect with real people and what those real people do with those stories.” (Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation)

Webinar Panelist

Terry O'ReillyAfter a successful career as a copywriter, Terry co-founded Pirate in 1990, with 8 recording studios in Toronto and New York City. He has won a few hundred awards for writing and directing. He was named Canadian judge for the inaugural year of Radio at the Cannes Advertising Festival in France, and Radio Chairman of the International Clio Awards in Miami, and the London International Advertising Awards in Las Vegas.

When he’s not creating advertising, he’s talking about it as the host of the hit CBC radio series, “The Age of Persuasion.” He co-wrote a best-selling book by the same name that was published by Knopf Canada and Counterpoint in the U.S. Terry was given the Les Usherwood & Fritz Speiss Lifetime Achievement Awards by the advertising industry and was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends.

Terry has a wonderful wife and three lovely daughters. Who like some of his work.

You will Learn

  • 3 keys to making an impact during your career search
  • Steps to developing your career “ad campaign”
  • Why personal branding is critical to your success
  • The importance of honesty in your career search

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