Queen's Alumni | CareerClass 201 | Managing Your Personal Career Brand | Learn.Grow.Succeed!

What do you, Tim Hortons, M&Ms and Stephen Harper have in common?

All have a personal brand.  In a competitive market – where work can be done anywhere, anytime – learn how your personal brand is the foundation for success.

Invest in understanding your unique strengths that make up your brand by attending one of two identical one-hour webinars with Alan Kearns, founder and head coach of CareerJoy, Canada’s career and leadership coaching company.

Attend this exclusive webinar for Queen’s alumni and start developing your personal brand!

Join other Queen’s University alumni to learn:

• How 5 major shifts in the marketplace will impact your professional future
• What your personal brand is, and why it matters more than ever  (hint: it’s not about selling yourself)
• How to utilize LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging to build your online brand
• The importance of developing and nurturing your relationships for long term success
• How to utilize social media to build your internal brand (And why that matters more than ever!)

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