Never too late- How to take control over your career & your life | Gail Vaz-Oxlade Personal Finance Guru, TV Host and Author

Do you want to make a change in your career or your life and are struggling? Are you so stressed by the potential consequences that you are at a standstill? It’s simplistic to say, “change is hard,” but it is nevertheless true. What makes change so tough? Each of us may have our own reasons but we all likely share the worry that our timing is not right and we don’t have a plan for making the change we want happen. Join Alan Kearns as he interviews Gail Vaz-Oxlade, personal finance guru, television host and author. Gail will discuss her new book, Never Too Late and share her expert advice on how to make real change happen in your career and your life.

Webinar Panelist

Gail Vaz-Oxlade describes herself as “a mother, step-mother, grand-mama, friend, confessor, writer, TV host, money maven, teacher, artist, and ex-wife. I’m loud, large and laugh a lot. I’m passionate about learning, committed to sharing and hell-bent on getting people to take control of their money and their lives.”

She has written 13 books on personal finance, hundreds of articles for the financial media, published a financial magazine for women, hosted three prime-time television shows and worked with Canada’s leading financial services companies to help educate employees and clients.

Gail is all about change, and believes that we can have anything we want in life…anything. It’s all a matter of deciding what’s important to us and how hard we’re prepared to bust our butts. She also believes that a well-balanced life is one of the keys to true happiness.

You will Learn

  • How to assess where you are now in your career
  • Keys to determining where you want to be in your career
  • How to get started on making change by executing your plan

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