What are you going to do when you grow up? Julie Clark Hall of Fame Pilot shares how she found the answer…

Everyone knows at least one person who decided on their current career when they were very young, is now happily working in that role and is very passionate about what they do. Why do some people know  – and never waver from – what they want to “be” from an early age? Are you struggling, trying to figure out your best career fit even now after several years as a working adult? How do you know what is the right career for you? Get answers to these types of questions by joining Alan Kearns when he interviews Julie Clark, aerobatics pilot with a 30 year career as an airshow flying ace.

At 8 years old, her father who was a pilot, took her flying. “It was all over, right then,” (Julie Clarke, when asked what inspired her to become a pilot)

Webinar Panelist

Julie Clarke started her commercial flying career with Hughes Airwest as a 1st Officer on the DC-9 in 1976 and ended it in 2003 as a Northwest Airlines Airbus A320 Captain. She was one of the first female pilots to work for a major airline. She has been voted Performer of the Year several times for her performance in air shows.

Clark has 40 years of flight experience and has logged over 30,000 accident-free in the air.  With her company, American Aerobatics, which she founded in 1980, she pilots a vintage aircraft in various air shows a year across North America. 

You will learn:

  • Why some people know their their career direction when they’re kids and how to discover that about yourself regardless of your age now
  • Keys to discover your career inspiration
  • Steps you can take to be confident about your career options and choices 

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