HRPA | HR CareerClass 301 | What's Next? How To Maximize & Take Your Career To The Next Level!

So you want to advance your Career? What are you waiting for?  It’s not going to happen unless you make it happen.  You must set clear and measurable goals. You must build the confidence to take action and be comfortable taking a few risks.


Join Alan Kearns for this exclusive HRPA interactive event. You will: 

  1. Learn the  “Why” in what you do? Find your passion;
  2. Learn how to take ownership of your Career;
  3. Learn how to advance your career:
    • Do the best you can in your current role;
    • Build a strong network;
    • Develop yourself;  and
    • Put a career development plan in place.
  4. Learn how helping others can help yourself;
  5. Learn how to become strategic in your Career Moves
  6. Learn how to act like a leader
  7. Learn how to seek out promotions

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