Finding and Managing Your Green Career with GGMI Managing Director David Sigler, WorkCabin.ca Founder Gregg MacLachlan, and InfoPlexxus Principal Julia Bray

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Your Green Career with GGMI Managing Director David Sigler, WorkCabin.ca Founder Gregg MacLachlan and environmental strategist Julia Bray

Looking for one of the hottest job markets? Are you passionate about the environment and looking for a “green” career? What are the best sources of information for green careers in North America? Join Canada’s Career Coach, Alan Kearns, as he interviews David Sigler, Managing Director of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Greg MacLachlan, eco-entreprenuer and founder of workcabin.ca and Julia Bray environmental communications strategist and founder of InfoPlexxus.com about green careers and their future.

Webinar Panelists

Gregg McLachlan is the eco entrepreneur who founded WorkCabin.ca, Canada’s Environmental Job Site, in 2007. He’s a life-long amateur naturalist, birdwatcher and a nationally recognized media professional whose career spanned three decades. Today, he lives in, and manages a forest as part of provincially-approved conservation plan. He launched WorkCabin to help Canadians find high quality and sustainable career-track positions related to the environment.

David Sigler is responsible for operational and financial management of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, which was founded as a non-profit organization in 2007 to train and support a global community of qualified professionals to work on GHG measurement, accounting, auditing and management. In addition to almost a decade with Newbridge (now Alcatel-Lucent), David is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in a number of areas including software, environmentally responsible electronic waste services, market research, and learning technologies. He holds an MBA from Lansbridge University and a Math and Computer Science degree from Carleton University.

Julia Bray is principal and founder of Infoplexxus Inc, an environmental communications consultancy that is committed to helping people create sustainable futures. Julia loves ideas and finds the natural world endlessly intriguing. She is currently developing tools to help businesses “think outside the blue box” to make their operations green and sustainable. She served for almost a decade on the New Brunswick Premier’s Round Table on Environment and Economy, including as Chair of the Energy Committee. She has an MSc in Biology from Memorial University, has trained with the Future Search process for finding common ground within corporations and communities, and with The Natural Step sustainable decision-making framework.

Joanne Sawatzky runs the technical services department at Light House. She is not only experienced in the coordination and management of workshops and design charrettes but also brings technical robustness in green building consulting. She holds an undergraduate degree in Architectural Science and Building Science from Ryerson University and a Master of Science degree in Energy Efficient Building from Oxford Brookes University. She has over eight years of work experience in green building design and consulting working on various projects; from single-family homes to large urban redevelopments, retrofits to new designs, andteaching and mentoring future design professionals and contractors.

In his current position as Vice President, Michael Kerford is responsible for ECO Canada ‘s project and business development and provides strategic vision and leadership to a company of over 50 employees. Under Michael’s direction, ECO Canada has grown its clientele base from a few thousand to over 100,000 and has evolved from a small project-based company into one of Canada’s largest Sector Councils – termed “exemplary” by Government of Canada standards. Michael is a graduate of McGill University, and has served as a Board member for not-for-profit and charitable organizations. His professional and community service achievements have gained recognition on a national level with the media, publications, and trade associations requesting him to provide commentary and perspective on a variety of issues.

You will Learn

  1. The do’s and don’ts of researching and obtaining a green career
  2. The importance of your environmental passion and skills and how to apply them to your career
  3. How to transition to a green career
  4. How to green your current career and work environment
  5. How to take stock and consider your next steps

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