Finding and landing your next role through word of mouth- Sean Moffitt Leading word of mouth expert

How many times have you felt you needed an inside track to even get considered for an interview with a particular business or organization? How do you go about getting such an inside track? Ever think that others have better opportunities than you? If there were more opportunities for you, would you know how to go about tapping into them? One very important method of increasing your visibility and gaining that inside track is through word-of-mouth marketing, through personally connecting on an individual and community level. How is this type of self-marketing accomplished? Who should use this type of promotion? How can it help your career? Are there any downsides to word-of-mouth? Join Alan Kearns as he interviews Sean Moffitt, word-of-mouth marketing expert and founder of Agent Wildfire.

“. . . .most of what we buy, experience and talk about that rises above our sub-conscious state, is emotional, and when done well, it stirs our insides and makes us feel something. It provides meaning vs. just telling us something.” ( Sean Moffitt )

Webinar Panelist

Sean Moffitt wears many hats – managing director, consultant, change agent, rainmaker, marketing maverick, but most importantly, passionate word-of-mouth advocate. His passion: word-of-mouth and its transformative powers.

Having spent 15 years in senior client and agency marketing and innovation roles for Canada’s most loved brands, Sean has established himself as one of Canada’s leading marketing innovators and the thought leader in the word of mouth industry.

Sean now applies his unique hybrid of brand management, digital, social media, strategic planning and innovation, and word-of-mouth marketing philosophy to client objectives. He has chaired the Canadian Marketing Association From Mass to Grass Word of Mouth Conference, authored over 500+ posts on the subject at his popular blog Buzz Canuck and is a frequent consultant, commentator and speaker on new media and marketing subjects. His faith in word-of-mouth marketing and its related cousins – buzz, experience marketing, and innovation inspired him to found a pioneering firm – Agent Wildfire – Canada’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing Expert and its engine The Influencers – Canada’s Word of Mouth Community.

You will Learn

  • Why increasing your visibility is crucial to your career development
  • How to use buzz and word-of-mouth to find and identify new opportunities
  • How to manage your career identity within an online community
  • Effective ways to enhance your career message, to stand out and make it “sticky”
  • How to find the connectors and influencers to help your personal brand

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