Feel like your career has peaked? Redeeming & Re-purposing your Skills with Legendary Blogger & ExpertLabs Anil Dash

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Redeeming and Re-purposing your skills with Legendary Blogger and founding Director of ExpertLabs, Anil Dash

What are transferable skills? Do you have skills and talents you could use in another career? Is it possible to obtain a new career direction with your “old” skills and credentials? Join Alan Kearns as he interviews Anil Dash, founding Director of ExpertLabs and creator of www.lastyearsmodel.org. Anil will share his perspective on why new isn’t always better, that it’s important to put thought into what we save and what we discard in our society, and that if we take a different perspective we can utilize already existing resources.

” We can fix the false impression that the newest gadgets are the only interesting ones by simply promoting the fact that we’re getting a lot out of our existing products.” (Anil Dash)

Webinar Panelist

Anil Dash is a pioneering technologist and blogger whose site at Dashes.com began in 1999 as one of the earliest and most influential blogs on the Internet. Dash is the founding Director of Expert Labs, an independent non-profit which creates new web technologies to help the U.S. government tap into the expertise of the public. Dash is regularly featured on television, radio, print and blogs including the Washington Post, Wired, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, the BBC and NPR. Dash lives in New York City with his wife Alaina Browne, general manager of the esteemed food community Serious Eats. Dash’s personal blog can be found online at dashes.com..

Led by Canada’s Career Coach; Alan Kearns, join our next free 1-hour Canadian Career Development Webinar Series- Our answer to a high protein low fat lunch & learn.

You will Learn

  1. The do’s and don’ts of taking your personal career inventory
  2. How to view your skills and abilities in ways that offer other career options
  3. How to take stock and consider your next steps

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