Self-Employment Options | Lunch and Learn Webinar

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Entrepreneurship is the number one choice for Canadians who want more out of their careers. One third of Canadians (32%) like the idea of being their own boss, and one fifth (20%) want to start their own business within five years. Small businesses account for 77% of all private jobs created in Canada. Could it be the right path for you?


Join Laurie Fenske, Senior Career and Leadership coach, as she discusses high level business planning and how working with a CareerJoy coach could help you get started to owning your own business.


Identify the motivators as well as pros and cons of different self-employment options for your situation. From independent consulting to entrepreneurship, we can support you through selecting your niche, preparing your life for self-employment, addressing business requirements, and creating a high level strategic transition plan.


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Presenter: Laurie Fenske, Senior Career and Leadership Coach

Laurie’s coaching successes are shaped by a passion for engaging clients with powerful questions to find the best solutions within themselves. She focuses her high-energy coaching sessions to achieve substantial improvements in the areas of both our identity and search programs and applies her unique experience to specialize in business and entrepreneurship coaching.