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Managing Your Career in Law

A 2004 study by the National Association for Law Placement titled, After the JD found more than a third of the young lawyers surveyed (US), the majority of which were just 3 years out of law school have already switched jobs. 18% of those have switched more than once.

The legal industry is both thriving and the same time complex as the delivery of legal services requires a team of skilled professionals to provide quality and cost-effective service. The legal field holds hundreds of legal career options encompassing a diverse range of skills, experience and education. Developments in the law and technology are also creating new career opportunities. Taking the time to manage your career in law is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. When you are happy in your job, you see positive results in everything around you, from finances to relationships to personal health.

Alan Kearns, Canada’s Career Coach and founder of CareerJoy.com, your exclusive career and leadership coaching partner, will lead you through this interactive webinar where you will learn to establish concrete goals, plans, and methods to facilitate professional development and effectively manage your career in law.


Dalhousie University

Join Alan as you learn:

  • How do I know Law is still the right “fit” for me?
  • What else could I do with my law degree
  • 3 effective ways to cope with change in the legal industry
  • What your personal brand is, and why it matters more than ever (hint: it is not about selling yourself)
  • The importance of marketing you – Why? How? Where?
  • How to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • How to expand your networking contacts across Canada

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