Creating Your Own Luck | Oprah Ultimate Audience Member Janice Taylor of Just Be Friends

Have you ever heard friends or colleagues talk about “creating your own luck?” Do you think it’s possible to make your own opportunities? How would you do this? Join Alan Kearns as he interviews Janice Taylor Co-Founder of Just Be Friends. Find a Friend. Janice will share her story of making her own luck: making a pitch and being chosen to be a part of Oprah’s ultimate audience and travel with Oprah on her 12-Day Australian adventure. 

Webinar Panelist

Terry O'Reilly

Janice’s motto in life is adopted from Mahatma Ghandi: be the change you want to see in the world. She has studied women and self-esteem, writing her university thesis on the subject, all in an effort to understand herself better and hopefully benefit others.  Just Be Friends is Janice’s solution to many of the struggles that women face.

You will Learn

  • Why timing matters in your career
  • How you can create your own luck in your career with what you already know
  • How to recognize a true opportunity and use it to benefit your career 
  • How to get on Oprah!

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