Coaching That Works | Information and Communications Technology Council Webinar

Join Alan Kearns, head coach and founder of CareerJoy, as he shares the keys to successful career coaching.

Finding a coach is one of the most important strategic career decisions an individual can make. Many professionals have attributed their success to having had a coach who took a personal interest in working with them during their career.

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In this workshop, you will explore the role of career coaching and methods you can use to gain successful coaching outcomes.

You will learn:

• The #1 reason for coaching success (it may not be what you think…)
• The difference between coaching & counseling
• Two key factors in creating commitment
• How to evaluate motivation: signs of success & warning signs to watch out for
• Ways to help with networking and job search
• Three ways to help with boundaries
• 3D Personal Branding: the role of social media and personal brand
• New coaching tools and techniques
• How to identify different conversation types and the best time to use coaching skills


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