CareerClass Montreal Live – Choosing & Maximizing your MBA | Centre Mont-Royal | The MBA Tour

Centre Mont-Royal

Participate in our seminar as part of The MBA Tour’s Montréal Conference, an event to meet face to face with top business schools.

 What will an MBA do for your career? What affect does the school you choose have on your professional life? How do you maximize your MBA in the “real world”? You probably have many of these questions, that is why you have come to The MBA Tour. The world of work has never been more globally competitive and yet, more interesting. You may be looking for the next step in your career and wondering how to best leverage an MBA to advance your professional life.It is one thing to purse an MBA, it is another to get the most value out of your degree. With a large investment of time and money, it is best to understand how to leverage your MBA before you start your program.

Why an MBA – Why you?

Choosing the right school & MBA program.

2 principles on how to stay motivated & get high marks in the MBA program.

3 key ways to get job ready while completing your MBA.

How to use your MBA to advance your personal brand & your career.

5 ways to maximize your MBA investment upon graduation.

Alan Kearns, Canada’s Career Coach, Globe & Mail career expert & author, will be sharing the latest information on the world of work. He has spent the last 20+ years coaching professionals in their career choices. Alan founded CareerJoy Canada’s Career & Leadership Coaching Company. His organization helps both individuals & organizations such as Subaru Canada, Scouts Canada, Public Safety & Canadian Coast Card.

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