Building a Successful Public Service Career — The Right Way | Lunch & Learn Webinar

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Federal Public Service shouldn’t mean “boring government job”. It should mean exciting opportunities in the largest Canadian employers. It should mean “room to grow” and “continuous development”. It should mean “personal learning plans that are maximized”. It should mean “waking up everyday with energy to take on challenges”.


You might be asking yourself:


  • How do I balance my personal life with my desire to grow in my career?
  • What are my options for training and professional development within the Public Service?
  • Am I in the right department and role within the Public Service?
  • How can I use my Personal Learning Plan in the most strategic way possible?
  • How do leverage my experience to win competitions?
  • How do I network strategically within and outside of my department?


For over 17 years CareerJoy’s individual Public Service programs have been helping public servants in departments such as the Treasury Board Secretariat, House of Commons, and Office of the Auditor General to achieve greater success in Government careers.

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By better understanding your career goals you can achieve greater balance and wellness in your professional and personal life.



Join this lunch and learn webinar to explore the Career Identity Program for the Public Service, the Talent Management Program for the Public Service and other opportunities for you to invest in your Public Sector career.

You’ll learn:

  • 7 soft skills you need to achieve public service career growth
  • How to identity your best career path through our Career Identity Program
  • How to make your personal brand the one your colleagues associate with career success
  • How to tell your story in competition interviews
  • Whether you’re managing your career or your career is managing you



By investing in your career in the Public Sector, you strengthen your ability to serve other Canadians.




Facilitator: Jason Parks, Director of Government Programs



Jason has 20 years of proven business development expertise and believes in creating raving fans from every client experience. Coming from a background in printing and education, the balance of growing business while managing ongoing client projects comes naturally to Jason.