Athabasca University MBA CareerClass | Maximizing Your Athabasca MBA

The world of work has never been more globally competitive and yet, more interesting!

It is one thing to purse an MBA; it is another to get the most value out of your degree. With a large investment of time and money, it is best to understand how to leverage your Athabasca MBA early in your program.

Alan Kearns, Canada’s Career Coach and founder of, your exclusive career and leadership coaching partner, will lead you through this interactive webinar where you will learn to establish concrete goals, plans, and methods to increase your ability to maximize your Athabasca MBA.


Join Alan as you:

  • Revisit why you chose Athabasca and why you chose and MBA
  • Visit 2 principles on how to stay motivated and get high marks in the MBA program 
  • Learn 3 key ways to advance in your career while completing your MBA
  • Consider how to use your MBA to advance your personal brand and your career


8:30 pm – 9:30 pm EDT
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