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Alan Kearns, Canada’s career coach, provides regular commentary on career issues to a number of different news organizations including, CBC radio, Canada AM, Breakfast Television, The Toronto Star, The National Post , The Globe and Mail as well as a numerous magazines and online blogs. He has a very popular podcast; CareerJoy Conversations. He is an expert on career management from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Alan is the author of Get the Right Job; Right Now! published by HarperCollins.Alan can normally respond in a timely manner for your deadlines and can be reached at 1-877-256-2569 101 or




Employers hiring university grads for more entry-level jobs

Landing a dream job (or just any job)

Alan Kearns, founder of CareerJoy says the days of graduating from college then sending out hundreds of resumes are gone…





Job Seeker, Know Thyself

Career coach Alan Kearns says the best career advice is to be true to who you are.  Finding the right job in chemical sciences and engineering is more complex than ever…