Victoria Miles

Position: Coaching

HR Consultant and Employee Engagement Coach

Victoria has 25 years of experience in helping organizations shape and deliver strategies centered around the intersection of commerce, culture and community. Whether it has been through leadership roles in global brand companies, as an entrepreneur in a leading-edge corporate consultancy, or working for international and national non-profits, she has always focused on those things that will be truly transformative.
She has demonstrated her ability to build and lead dynamic teams in a range of fast-paced, and often inflexible industries, and possesses the unique combination of analytical and creative thinking. Victoria is respected for her ability to develop, manage and implement large-scale initiatives around change management, organizational dynamics and employee engagement. Her process of strategic inquiry includes expertise in creating survey tools and measurement techniques to truly evaluate engagement. Part of her work includes the design of customized, tactical approaches to helping organizations understand their culture through their people dynamics – then create tools to help them build and strengthen those relationships.