Taryn Brady

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Taryn’s love of science and technology has been a common thread throughout her career.  After her first job as field biologist with Canadian Wildlife Service she knew that working with people was more her passion than tracking elk.  As a Career Coach, Taryn helped hundreds of engineering students through the recruitment cycle in Engineering Cooperative Education (University of Alberta) with resumes, interview skills and job search while also assisting employers from across Canada with recruiting talent. Wanting to spread her wings Taryn went on to start her own business to provide strategic planning and marketing communications services for a wide range of companies and organizations – including many technology start-ups.  Years of experience guiding teams, individuals and leaders to achieve goals culminated into Taryn’s true passion – career and leadership coaching.
Now as a CareerJoy Coach, Taryn offers a wealth of experience spanning industries from government, university, research, science and technology and manufacturing to oil and gas. One thing for sure, Taryn is a cheerleader for awakening the human potential in each of us. Clients have come to know Taryn as an authentic, creative and solution-focused Career and Leadership Coach.

Professional Designations

  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Certified in Leadership Circle Profile
  • Bachelor of Science (Zoology),
  • Masters in Spiritual Science
  • Certified in Insight Seminars series
  • Leadership Edmonton Program
  • Professional Speakers training

Success Stories

“Taryn was very upbeat and helped me ‘off the ledge’ on more than one occasion.” – Dave Bunney
“I loved the fact that [my coach and resume writer] both communicated and worked together to help me with my goal. When I met Taryn it was like talking to my friend. She had great suggestions and ideas for helping me find a job and I could tell she truly cared and was invested… I had no idea what to expect with Career Joy but to be really corny… they have made this difficult journey a joy because of their friendly helpful advice. If I had any questions, my emails were answered right then and there. I can’t give enough positive feedback. CareerJoy is lucky to have these women working for their company.” – Anne G.
“It was a very valuable experience for me. I was given tips on how to conduct myself during interviews which I appreciate. The self-evaluation that I was made to undergo helped me find my strengths and weaknesses.” – Reynald L.
“Taryn helped me stay in tune with what I needed to stay focused on and how. She offered good insight into tools to use during a career search and during the interview process. Taryn provided
guidance on where to improve my CV and cover letter.” – John T.
“As someone who did not have a lot of experience applying for jobs and going through the interview process, I really found it helpful in just understanding in the process you go through in getting a job. I found the resume and cover letter to be extremely helpful, as well as the coach helping me understand a lot of the assets that I have for a company that I would not usually expect to have identified myself, leading to more confidence when applying for a job. On a personal level the main thing that I gained was self confidence, it showed me that I have something to offer the work force, and gave me the know how to go through the process of getting a job so that I am able to give myself the best shot of being successful. On a professional level, as someone who does not have a great amount of professional experience, it gave me an insight into how things will work in the future when it comes to moving up in an industry or how to weigh different options for careers as I move through my own career. I found the experience very positive, the coach was very helpful, and all the resources that come with the package are also really helpful, along with the fact that I can start to see tangible results after only 4 sessions.” – Evan J.
“Very good value for professional and personal in terms of future school investments. It was very useful in displaying my talents and abilities towards a school path.” – Taylor H.
“Excellent coaching. The ability to meet with my coach via phone, gmail, Skype & in person was quite helpful.” – Esther C.
“More confidence in applying for jobs, much-improved resume, improved interviewing skills. Coaching sessions were very helpful.” M. Coulter
“Face to face sessions were very helpful and engaging. (Tangible outcome:) Better understanding or confirmation of my strengths & confidence support. This program would benefit anyone looking for career support whether you are just starting out or whether you have been in the job force as myself for years.” – L. Drach