Sylvie Seguin Brant

Senior Leadership and Career Coach

Sylvie is a dynamic PCC Certified Coach who has helped numerous individuals and groups navigate their professional and personal growth.

Sylvie has coached clients and groups in a variety of areas including operations and programs, information technology, human resources, corporate, policy and military. She enjoys coaching emerging leaders and executives as well as individuals going through transitions.

As a former executive, she has first-hand experience leading teams in complex environments that require strong emotional intelligence to achieve success.

Her coaching expertise has been deeply informed by her extensive experience in the public service, and the academic sector, being an entrepreneur and volunteering with minor hockey teams (as a manager, a billet, and a social convenor). Throughout her career, she has benefited professionally and personally from receiving coaching services as the breadth and depth of her responsibilities increased.

Sylvie coaches clients to resolve difficult issues. Her methods involve meeting clients where they are and respecting their need for development while offering a safe and trusting space so individuals can dare to hope and share what they most desire, setting the stage for value creation and growth.