Shoshana Allice

Position: Coaching team

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Shoshana specializes in supporting leaders through personal and professional transitions, and building effective teams which create engagement and get results. Since 2004, she has coached, mentored, and advised leaders across North America and abroad.

A former Learning & Leadership specialist in Canada’s Federal Public Service, Shoshana has coached and facilitated career and leadership development at all levels. Her experience in the Federal Public Service and in health care have given Shoshana a deep understanding of leadership within a complex unionized environment. She understands the challenges of attending to personal career and leadership aspirations while navigating changing mandates and funding pressures.

Keenly interested in each client’s unique story, Shoshana encourages rich conversations to build strong coaching relationships. Clients are drawn to her down-to-earth, genuine personality which naturally provides them with a safe, exploratory environment. She is not afraid to gently push clients by asking the hard questions in order to decipher what they really want. 

One of Shoshana’s gifts is the ability to synthesize information and hear ‘between the lines. She pulls together what clients can’t quite put into words yet, gaining and sharing a deeper insight into their values, strengths, and deeply held beliefs, as well as potential blind spots. Challenging their stories about what might limit them, or the limits of their abilities, she is able to leverage their complementary strengths and drive powerful changes.

Career successes Shoshana takes pride in include developing and rolling out an emerging leaders program as well as a coaching-based succession planning initiative for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  She has also worked in India, where she rolled out a Coaching Skills for Managers program: She introduced the program at a national conference, trained 10 facilitators to deliver it, and helped develop and roll out a marketing strategy for it.

Shoshana’s coaching successes for individuals include:

  • Helping an executive director-level client make some hard decisions about his next steps by connecting deeply to his values and truth. The client ultimately created a life legacy he is both proud of and nourished by.
  • Supporting a manager in taking a new level of leadership by connecting her with her own courage and commitment in order to have a courageous conversation with her director.
  • Supporting a front-line leader to identify the work she deeply wanted to do and facilitating a 3-way conversation engaging her director in that vision, who got on board and brainstormed ways to make connections and build bridges for the client. 

Clients working with Shoshana can expect to practice and develop strong muscles in vulnerability, courage and clarity to gain the leadership skills they desire.

Professional Designations:

  • Masters in Human Systems Intervention
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)
  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • Certified in EQ in Action (Emotional Intelligence psychometric tool)
  • Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for your coaching and “focus on me” over the past months. You have had a major impact on my life and have helped me get though some very interesting times with several personalities I have had to engage with. Without your help, I would have been lost.”
“In the year that I worked with Shoshana she was a significant component of my success in setting up a new team that was developing a new work capability. She provided individual coaching for my direct report team and advised me on business strategies to facilitate team building while delivering on our commitments.” – Eric V.
“Shoshana is an excellent coach and is exceptional at facilitating team dynamics. An excellent resource that I highly recommend.” – Linda S.
“Shoshana is a wise, playful and intuitive coach. Most recently I worked with Shoshana to help me work through some confusion and ‘stuckness’ I was feeling. Shoshana listened deeply and through … creative exploration, helped me connect to a deep part of myself. In only one hour with Shoshana, I found clarity about what I want and a plan forward about how to make it happen. Working with Shoshana is always a breath of fresh air. I feel seen, heard and taken seriously… A booster seat for the soul, Shoshana has a way of ‘lifting’ my sights beyond what I might not see on my own. Leaving that session with a plan and feeling powerful and energized gave me the momentum I needed to follow it though. I’ve made the changes Shoshana helped me get clear about and experience the benefits of them daily – within myself and my staff.” – Julie R.