Rebecca Bartley

Position: Resumé & Branding

Resumé Coach

Rebecca has always had a passion for writing and the art of telling a great story. With over 7 years of experience in public relations, communications, marketing and writing she has worked alongside a number of organizations from international corporations to small businesses and from government to online outlets. She believes that every client has a story to tell and she revels in knowing that she can help others with their stories.
Rebecca loves working one-on-one with clients in order to discover what makes them tick. It’s her passion to find out what a client’s greatest strengths are and how they define themselves. Rebecca helps clients create their own personal brand and coach clients on how they can best market themselves in any situation. The best feeling for her is seeing her clients succeed.

Success stories

“I am very happy with the process and the timely follow-up and follow-through were greatly appreciated. During one of the interviews, I actually used your version of my resume. It was well-laid out and the VP of Marketing was noticeably impressed. I was successful in securing a new job that I am excited to start now! Thank you for putting together something I can be proud of!” – Justin Hall
“It all looks great! I don’t have any additions that need to be made. It’s awesome how detailed you were able to make it. I hadn’t thought about listing my skills at the top of the resume before! It really gives the reader a good summary of what I bring to the table before getting into the finer details. Thank you so much for this!” – Patience Mwangi
“These documents are fantastic! The opening to the resume is powerful and makes the breadth of my value proposition very clear.” – Tony Anderson
“Thank you so much for the revised copies. I like the added section “Selected Achievements” which highlights my sales and some leadership experience. I believe this resumé is going to “wow” potential employers and get their attention. It’s concise and right to the point. Once again I appreciate your advice and support.” – Fernando Raimi
“The resume building and LinkedIn components were invaluable. My coach Rebecca gave me lots of helpful tips and tricks to propel my career forward. With her help and guidance, I was able to rework my profile to stand out from the crowd by highlighting what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.” – Dave Cheung
“Thank you for your excellent work on my resume and cover letter. Your tips are very practical.” – Delphine Delsahut
“The process as a client was hassle-free. Rebecca took my original resume from a document that tells my story and turned it into one that sells it. I look forward to applying to opportunities with a resume that is going to stand out from the crowd!” – Rob Meloche
“I was very impressed with the quality and professional look of both the cover letter and resume. Also, thanks for the tips on saving it to a PDF to keep the professional appearance. I was impressed with the process and how you over delivered on the expected date of completion!” – Michael Ebert
“Rebecca patiently drew my story out of me and crafted a concise resume that captured a lengthy career in an eye catching way that drew attention to my achievements. I didn’t think my career was that remarkable, but with Rebecca’s help, she was able to put to paper my story of accomplishments. I realized that my story is unique and I have marketable skills. Thank you for your help Rebecca!” – Shawn Boven